PACK OF 10 - Hardcover

PACK OF 10 - Hardcover

This is a great idea for Chirstmas gifts!

(PACK OF 10 - $14.99 per book)


The history of the ultimate holiday trait...the cookie plate!


Santa needs The Cookie Snatchers every Christmas Eve to help him devour the millions of cookies left by children across the world. The Cookie Snatchers have been hiding in Santa's beard and helping him out since before reindeer and even elves existed!


These tiny Cookie Snatchers stand about one inch tall and make their requests of what kinds of cookies need to be left on the cookie plate each Christmas, otherwise BEWARE...your name just might be placed on the Naughty List!


    This hardcover book is 8.5" x 11"

    58 Pages

    Holiday Tradition Age Range 5-12 years old